My name is Joana and I am a self-proclaimed Marketing geek. I was one of those annoying kids who always knew what she wanted to be when she grew up (except for a brief period when I dreamt of being on Broadway – don’t judge). I was fascinated by the ads on TV, much more than the TV programmes themselves, so I needed to understand how they were made. This introduced me to the concept of Advertising and then Marketing and by the time I got to Branding and Consumer Behaviour Studies I was completely hooked – I was a 11 year old who wanted to sell stuff and tell stories for a living. I did my degree in Business Management in Lisbon and then came to London to do a Masters in Strategic Marketing at Imperial College Business School (brilliant programme, if you’re looking for one. I’m not sponsoring them, I’m actually not even a great Alumni since I keep kind of ignoring their newsletters but definitely check it out! worth it. I’m going off-topic here… I do that a lot… sorry). The point here is, I call myself a ‘Marketing geek’ because I love Marketing to the point of nerdiness: the U.S. elections, the avengers franchise, Beyonce’s new album – everywhere I look I see stories being told, marketing in action, small everyday stuff or world-changing events all powered by the masses’ buy-in to a story. This blog is my Marketing-loving brain splattered on paper,with all my dramatic flare and passion for my trade – welcome.